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6-12 week programs to go deeper

Whether you're new to sobriety and need an entry point, or are already sober and are ready to dig deeper and learn more, our programs meet you where you are.

Courses are separate from membership.

Why register for a sobriety course?

Our courses are an immersive online experience for people who are ready to go deeper. We spend an inordinate amount of time crafting our curriculum and work tediously to make every lecture, call, and interaction meaningful and impactful.

Our instructors are steeped in their fields and experts in facilitating. Our curriculum is designed with you in mind. From sobriety, personal development, The Enneagram, finances, and relationship skills, we bring the best there is to offer.

When I first realized I had a serious drinking problem that I needed to just stop, I stumbled upon Laura's book We Are the Luckiest and my goodness it truly changed my life. I held on to every word and it just filled my soul to be able to have the words to all the feelings I was having.

Janine C

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In addition to courses, we have weekly sobriety and support meetings, as well as a full academy with workshops. Check it out!

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You actually are a unique unicorn and we value choice. So we’ve created some optionality here for our TLC  members.


Group sobriety meetings
& community connection.
$22 /month
Daily online support meetings
A members-only forum
Support from leaders
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The Sober 90

A simple, accessible entry point for people who are new to sobriety and need guidance, connection, and support. It's also perfect for not-so-new folks who need to re-establish healthy practices or need a dose of extra stability and community.
$199 / 13 week course
Daily check-ins and accountability
Weekly live coaching calls
Access to daily sobriety support meetings
and more!
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