Welcome to the greatest adventure of your life.

Sobriety, that is. Wherever you are on the path, we're gonna make it a whole lot better, as a crew. Freedom from alcohol starts here.

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Johann Hari

The opposite of addiction isn’t
sobriety, it’s connection.

Community Membership Includes

40+ support meetings each week, including Queer/LGBTQIA2s+, BIPOC, Men's & Women's Meetings.
Hosted by trained TLC leaders.

A members-only forum.
To connect and share 24x7.

50+ subgroups.
Based on geography and interest.

WTF? I guess connection
is a big deal y’all.


Monthly TLC book club.
Just for fun and connection!

A team of trained sobriety leaders.
Trained meeting leaders, coaches, and thought leaders.

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TLC is everything and exactly what I was missing. Community, wisdom, support, and humor. It took me almost 3 years to get sobriety to stick and looking back I realize the missing piece was connection.

Ashley S. — Kansas

This community is beautiful. I’ve been sober close to 8 years and was yearning for something but didn’t know what that was. Thank you for letting me land softly in this new TLC home.

Lisa D. — Missouri


What is connection?

Sobriety is damn hard, but we do it together. Being a group of sober-seekers means we’re not just in it to stop drinking alcohol. We want the big juice-of-life stuff too. Because what’s the freakin’ point, otherwise? Connection is the club.

We dig deep.
We laugh and cry.
We nerd out.
We look at hard things straight in the face.
We run and sometimes hide.
Together, we come back into the fray.
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Our members get...

40+ online support meetings each week.
Hosted by trained TLC leaders. Including BIPOC, Queer, Newcomer, Men's, and Women's focused meetings.

A members-only forum.
A non-Facebook private place to connect and share 24x7.

50+ subgroups to connect in smaller groups.
Based on geography and interest.

Monthly TLC book club.
With two live member discussions each month.

A team of trained sobriety leaders.
Experiential wisdom and compassion from trained leaders, coaches, and thought leaders.

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You actually are a unique unicorn and we value choice. So we’ve created some optionality here for our TLC  members.


Group sobriety meetings
& community connection.
$22 /month
40+ support meetings each week, including Queer/LGBTQIA2s+, BIPOC, Men's & Women's Meetings.
A members-only forum
Support from leaders
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The Sober 90

A simple, accessible entry point for people who are new to sobriety and need guidance, connection, and support. It's also perfect for not-so-new folks who need to re-establish healthy practices or need a dose of extra stability and community.
$199 / 13 week course
Daily check-ins and accountability
Weekly live coaching calls
Access to daily sobriety support meetings
and more!
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Take it from our members. Corie B. said, "I’ve been trying to get sober for many years but couldn’t make it past day 3. The minute I went to my first TLC meeting everything changed." And we hear things like this all the time. Connection is the game-changer. We're making it happen together, one step at a time.

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Is it really working?

"The TLC online meetings and virtual community remind me that I'm not alone in recovery and that we can listen and encourage each other. TLC is open, welcoming, honest and safe for everyone."


"My feelings are validated in this safe space. My voice is heard. The small monthly cost keeps me accountable to check-in."

Kara V.

"It's hard to put into words, the shift that I feel inside my recovery journey after joining this beautiful group.  It has been the key to unlocking a whole new part of my experience."


"TLC is saving my life. Knowing I am not alone and seeing other people that are so brave and living such beautiful lives gives me hope and a safe place to land."

Michelle P.

"I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge, wisdom, and tools to aide in my sobriety. The sense of community in TLC is something I have never experienced before and the support from everyone has truly touched my heart."

Corie B.

"I’ve been sober close to 8 years and was yearning for something but didn’t know what that was. Then came the pandemic, and I started teaching from home. It was the perfect storm for Laura to come into my home and heart. I feel brighter and lighter and it’s similar to when I was first in recovery."

Lisa D.
St. Louis

"This is really my favorite space in the world. I have never learned so much, felt so much comfort, and felt a sense of belonging in my life."

Janine Castellano

"TLC is a big part of what keeps me sober! Such a welcoming, compassionate community."

Melissa Morris
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We’re you. You are us. We’ve been there, and we're still in the daily work. We are a ragtag, rough and tumble, posse of leaders and coaches assembled to bring what works best for us to sober living—community and connection.

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