Benefits of Online Alcohol Support Groups

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Online alcohol support groups are a great way to experience this connection and find your people. Read on to discover the many benefits of online support groups.

“The opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety, it’s connection.” — Johann Hari

Community is the key.

Possibly the most important key to your success in sobriety is finding connection. It is imperative to find others who understand your experience exactly because this is such a unique life experience. 

Online alcohol support groups are a great way to experience this connection and find your people. Among the many benefits of online support groups are access to sobriety support meetings,and inclusion in private community forums where members feel safe to share what they’re going through, get support, and be seen. Having a soft place to land where you are supported and loved is a powerful tool in your sobriety toolbox. Here are a few of the benefits you'll find.

Private Connection with Community 

One of the major benefits of online support groups is  24/7 access to a community. You can attend support meetings at a time of day that works for your schedule. Many online alcohol support groups include access to a sober private forum, so you always have the opportunity to connect with others. With The Luckiest Club, you have the option to attend 34 sobriety support meetings every week. When you want to explore the community for deeper connections outside of the meetings, our private forum is a living social space of substance that is not Facebook or IG. You’ll also find that we have subgroups based on shared interests and geographies to make it even easier to connect with members with whom you have common ground. 

Limited Physical Barriers

The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way people get sobriety support, and in many ways, it's a change for the better. What once required searching for a meeting place, finding a meeting time that works with your schedule, traveling to and from the meeting, arranging childcare when necessary, and more, now only requires WIFI and a device. For many, knowing they can be safe and comfortable at home and remain connected to support is a huge relief. In addition, online alcohol support groups can be a powerful supplement to your face-to-face recovery work.

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Greater Diversity

Diversity in sober forums and meetings is one of the biggest benefits of online support groups because geography is not a constraint. If you're part of the LGBTQA+ or BIPOC community, or want to find meetings for your age group, for example, and you don't feel comfortable at the in-person meetings around you, a lot of online alcohol support groups have meetings for various affinity groups and communities. At The Luckiest Club you can find both BIPOC and Queer-focused meetings, to get the support you need from people who celebrate your diversity and understand your needs.


The lack of anonymity for someone at the beginning of their recovery journey may make it difficult to seek necessary alcohol recovery support. If you're not ready to share your sobriety journey in person, one of the benefits of online support groups is that you can remain anonymous. You might have a vulnerable or sensitive topic to discuss, or something you don’t feel comfortable sharing face-to-face. Having the ability to have your camera off in meetings can make it easier to take that first step in your recovery.

Recovery at Your Own Pace

Among the most important benefits of The Luckiest Club ,and other online alcohol support groups in general, is that they can meet you where you are in your sobriety journey. TLC has meetings for newcomers – those with less than 30 days of continuous sobriety – and also meetings for members who are beyond 12 months in their day counts. This is in addition to all of the open meetings and specialty population meetings, each of which have their own tone. If you are ready to go deeper the TLC Academy is a program of self-discovery that provides tools to help you not only stay sober but thrive in a life of sobriety. No matter the stage of sobriety you're in, you can get what you need from online alcohol support groups.

You don't have to work through the issues you're facing alone. The Luckiest Club is here to help you find your voice and provide you with the support you need to continue on this amazing journey of recovery. When you join our online alcohol support group, you give yourself the tools needed to move forward confidently.

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