Life-changing recovery stories.

From AA old-timers with decades of sobriety to twenty-something atheists who are trying sobriety for the first time, and everyone in between, we're proud to be on this sobriety journey together. Reading through these alcohol addiction recovery stories and The Luckiest Club reviews, you're likely to notice a lot of yourself in what others are saying. You may also be surprised to hear about the possibilities when you open yourself to connection and guidance. Freedom from alcohol is totally possible. A big, beautiful life is totally possible in sobriety.

Having a sober support network can make all the difference on your recovery journey. Joining The Luckiest Club is a big step towards freedom. With a wide variety of groups and daily meetings, there is a spot for everyone who has the courage to embark on the quest for sobriety. Our meetings bring together hundreds of unique members with valuable experiences and an inextinguishable commitment to a shared objective, learning to live without alcohol. 

With The Luckiest Club Academy, you’ll have access to workshops to help you dive deeper on topics related to your recovery. Our courses also can help guide you through personal growth, self-discovery and deepening connections along the way.

Regardless of your gender identification, race, age, or sexual orientation, there’s a place here for you. You don't have to try to handle this alone. Come join us today, and soon you'll be able to add your story of recovery, happiness, hope, and good health.

The biggest takeaways from this course have been: 1. Wheel of Life exercise and seeing Laura McKowen's progression. 2. Numbing inventory was eye-opening. 3. Slowly making connections through the App and then putting faces with names + voices in our three weekly meetings.

Gary G.
The Sober 90 - Team 1 Student

It got me thru a rough patch of cravings. I hit my 18th-month mark last month. It helped me build a stronger community within TLC. Lean into the tools. Reaffirm my Why. Set me on a strong journey for 2023. I loved this program!!!!

Miranda H.
The Sober 90 - Team 1 Student

It feels a lot more natural to be AF doing things I used to strongly associate with alcohol (a night without my kids, dinner, family gatherings, meeting up with friends). I actually feel positive about + committed to abstinence as my long term goal instead of wishing I could moderate. Before Sober 90, I couldn't really imagine either of those wins.

Lisa K.
The Sober 90 - Team 1 Student

I can’t image doing this past 75 without TLC + TS90. I not only made it through the holidays but some extremely difficult boundaries with a sister I have been supporting ( too much). I have viewed the curriculum like a library. Been on at least parts of most meetings. I would highly recommend to anyone who needs additional support. Day 170 for me.

Karen T.
The Sober 90 - Team 1 Student

I’ve started turning on my camera more and sharing more. I’ve also gained the “recover out loud” mindset as I’ve always had so much shame behind my drinking. I’ve gotten some phone numbers. I have a couple people I check in with regularly. My self confidence is slowly coming back and I’m starting to feel comfortable in my own skin again.

Lauren C.
The Sober 90 - Team 1 Student

When I joined this group I thought it was going to be an interesting learning experience and I would go a little deeper into my understanding of the Enneagram and my nineness. I had no idea how transformative it would be, nor did I expect the depth of connection I've felt.

Kerin - 'The Whole You' Course Student

Having a safe place to do this work is so important. And feeling fully accepted and respected for who you are is such a powerful experience. I have learned so much about myself in this program and realize that in many ways I'm just scratching the surface.

Janet - 'The Whole You' Course Student

The Bigger Yes was one of the best gifts I've ever given myself. The course pushed me to reconnect with my true nature and helped me see what is most important to me right now, while allowing me to dream big and move toward the bigger picture as well.

Eric - 'The Bigger Yes' Course Student

I loved it. It changed my life.

Leah - 'The Bigger Yes' Course Student

To say Laura gets it, would be a vast understatement. She has made it her life’s work to really get it, and to really care if other people are able to live better lives alongside her.

Jodi - 'The Bigger Yes' Course Student

I had been questioning my life’s work and purpose for a couple of years, and this course gently guided me to remember who I am at my core, what I am here to do, and that it is enough. It was a lovely experience.

Tyler - 'The Bigger Yes' Course Student

The Bigger Yes helped me dig deeper and get out of that part of my brain that keeps me stuck, to look beyond my own outdated messages of what I’m ‘supposed’ to do and who I’m ‘supposed’ to be.

Jessie - 'The Bigger Yes' Course Student

This course taught me more about myself than my $100,000 masters level education ever could.

Emily - 'The Bigger Yes' Course Student

I loved it. It changed my life in profound ways.

Athena - 'We Are The Luckiest' Course Student

Take this course if you are seeking a whole new approach to recovery; one that is built on truth, wisdom, and most importantly, your experience. WATL encourages you to develop your spiritual journey on your own terms and at your own pace while being completely supported.

Tammi - 'We Are The Luckiest' Course Student

Having spent my whole life, and specifically the last 5 years just surviving, it has been amazing to actually experience a real shift in my thinking. Very grateful.

Hannah - 'We Are The Luckiest' Course Student

This course really helped me to understand the shame I was living in. It helped me identify boundaries that needed to be set. It also really helped me with grief and anger that I had been suppressing.

Joe - 'We Are The Luckiest' Course Student

It completely changed how I view not drinking: not as a matter of willpower, but rather just a change of focus: since life is in focus and drinking blurs it, drinking now looks like such a hassle. Seriously. I think that is really surprising and amazing, and yay!

Anna - 'We Are The Luckiest' Course Student

The course helped me understand myself and my emotions in a way I couldn't access before. Through completing the assignments each week I felt like I was reconnecting with myself in a deeper way. It was such a healing experience."

Kristin - 'We Are The Luckiest' Course student

The TLC online meetings and virtual community remind me that I'm not alone in recovery and that we can listen and encourage each other. TLC is open, welcoming, honest and safe for everyone.

Lee - Community member

My feelings are validated in this safe space. My voice is heard.

Kara V. - Community member

It's hard to put into words, the shift that I feel inside my recovery journey after joining this beautiful group. It has been the key to unlocking a whole new part of my experience.

Alex - Community member

TLC is saving my life. Knowing I am not alone and seeing other people that are so brave and living such beautiful lives gives me hope and a safe place to land.

Michelle - Community Member

I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge, wisdom, and tools to aide in my sobriety. The sense of community in TLC is something I have never experienced before and the support from everyone has truly touched my heart.

Alison - Community member

I’ve been sober close to 8 years and was yearning for something but didn’t know what that was. Then came the pandemic, and I started teaching from home. It was the perfect storm for Laura to come into my home and heart. I feel brighter and lighter and it’s similar to when I was first in recovery.

Janine - Community member
St. Louis
Laura McKowen
You know that thing that breaks your heart? You never have to do that again. Really.

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