6 Big Health Benefits of Sobriety


Sobriety can help you live a stronger life than you ever thought was possible. If you have yet to consider the benefits of sobriety, the longest-lasting perks are both physical and emotional.

Sobriety is one of the greatest adventures you will ever go on. It can help you live a more vibrant life than you ever thought was possible. Here we outline a few of the biggest health perks to going alcohol-free. Some are typically felt right away (like better sleep!) and some may take a little longer, but the end result is always the same: sobriety is a superpower, physically and emotionally. Because when we are sober, we have the capacity to pay attention, make better choices, and follow-through. Here are a few of the top benefits of sobriety.

Physical Benefits of Sobriety

The physical benefits of sobriety are prolific and translate to many different areas of your life.

1. Higher Energy Levels

Long-term sobriety is commonly linked to an increase in energy levels, and who doesn't need that? When you aren't experiencing the effects of alcohol, you're more likely to sleep better, exercise, have a renewed interest in what's important to you, and be more mindful and productive with your time. Yes, please.

2. Renewed Skin

Long-term sobriety is one of the best kept beauty secrets. Alcohol can lead to skin dryness and inflammation, causing wrinkles, flushing and enlarged pores. Quitting drinking can help to improve current skin issues and stop arising skin issues in their tracks. Even better? It's a free anti-aging regimen!

3. Improved Heart and Liver Function

We all know alcohol can have a negative impact on the liver, but it also affects your heart. Alcohol abuse can cause heart damage called cardiomyopathy due to the heart stretching and changing shape. When the shape of the heart changes, blood can’t pump as effectively which has an impact on the entire body. Both conditions can be dangerous, but repair is possible. One of the many physical benefits of sobriety is the improved function of these vital organs. By committing to recovery you can give your heart and liver the time needed to heal.

“I don’t have the muscle of self pity. It has atrophied in sobriety.” ~ Utkarsh Ambudkar

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Emotional Health Benefits of Sobriety

The emotional benefits of quitting alcohol are just as important as the physical ones. Being present and having a healthier mindset helps you focus on what really matters.

4. Deeper Relationships

In sobriety, we have the capacity to develop a healthy connection to who we really are. This isn't just a gift for us, it's a gift to everyone we encounter ("rising tides raise ships"). When we're comfortable and accepting of who we are, we give others permission to do the same. Not to mention, without alcohol in the picture, we can show up for the people we love and care about, with honesty and integrity.

5. Improved Mental Health

Alcohol has a big impact on depression and anxiety. Many people find that alcohol makes their depression significantly worse and that their anxiety is heightened when alcohol starts to wear off. This fuels the depression all over again. Although sobriety isn't a cure-all for these conditions, it can certainly help lessen their grip, and provide the mental clarity to treat them.

6. Personal Growth

One of the most notable aspects of sobriety is that it allows for discovery of who you really are underneath the alcohol. It's hard to know who you really are and what kinds of things you actually want when you're focused on drinking, not drinking, and recovering from drinking. The benefits of sobriety can stretch to the reclamation of a spiritual path, a return to hobbies you used to enjoy, trying new things, creative expression, and so much more. Exploring what is important to you will help with long-term sober success.

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