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The Sober 90

A new offering! The Sober 90 is the perfect entry point if you’re new to evaluating your relationship with alcohol, or are already sober but need some extra support.
Join the waitlist today! Next group starts JUNE 30, 2023! Must be a TLC Member.
Jun 30, 2023
September 30, 2023
Hosted by Laura McKowen
, Tammi Scott + Whitney Bishop
Instructor Led
Must be a TLC Community member to join.

Program Details


We created The Sober 90 to provide a simple entry point for people who are new to sobriety. It's also perfect for not-so-new folks who need extra support and community.

Over 90 days, or 13 weeks, you will learn about the five core practices of sobriety as defined in Laura’s recently published book, Push Off From Here.

Over 13 weeks, you will:

  • Experience the power of daily check-ins and accountability
  • Benefit from weekly 90-minute live calls, weekly private sobriety support meetings + weekly office hours* (see details below)
  • Grow your community of sober friends & connections
  • Learn the five core practices of sobriety
  • Learn tools and practices that help you stay sober in both good and bad times
  • Have access to all TLC's daily sobriety support meetings

The program is led by Laura McKowen, Tammi Scott, and Whitney Bishop, who are experienced guides and teachers, and who are all in long-term recovery.

Cost: $199. Must be a TLC member to join.
Community & connection.
Sobriety is near-impossible (not to mention far less fun) to do alone. Here, you'll get a built-in community of badass fellow travelers to walk alongside.
Daily checkins & accountability.
Did you know you're 65% more likely to meet a goal when you make yourself accountable to another person, and 95% more likely when there are regular checkpoints? Yes. This speaks for itself.
Simple & accessible.
Sobriety is damn hard, but when you break it down into small, repeatable practices, it becomes doable. We've boiled it down to just the fundamentals to help you build a solid foundation over 90 days.


Laura McKowen

Author of the bestselling memoir, We Are The Luckiest: The Surprising Magic of a Sober Life and recently published book, Push Off from Here, Laura is a leading voice in modern recovery and the founder of TLC. She lives on the north shore of Boston with her daughter, fiancé, and cats.

Laura McKowen
Tammi Scott + Whitney Bishop

Tammi is a 200 hour certified yoga teacher, a student and practitioner of holding space, a writer/blogger and skilled facilitator. Whitney Bishop is a curious, creative, and courageous woman in recovery, on a mission to make a positive difference in the lives of others. She believes in the power of asking great questions and the practice of answering them honestly.

Tammi Scott + Whitney Bishop

What we'll cover

The Sober 90 is a participatory experience. It’s built for those who have a desire to get and stay sober and want both structure and community to help make sobriety stick now. It’s not a passive experience or a self-paced course. We believe sober is better together and that action creates momentum, so be prepared to show up fully to get the most from it!

Week 1: Introduction and habit formation.

Meet the other participants, get acquainted with how the program works, the principles of habit formation, and the five core practices of sobriety.

Week 2: Establishing your baseline.

Through guided self-reflection, you'll take a snapshot inventory of your life as it is today and set personal goals for the program.

Week 3, 4: Acceptance

Learn the gifts of acceptance, both of self, others, and life, and begin to put it into practice in practical ways.

Week 5, 6: Honesty

Learn why we lie, why honesty is so critical to recovery, and take small, safe steps toward establishing a practice of honesty.

Week 7, 8: Connection

Learn what connection really means and begin to establish regular, daily habits to stay connected with your recovery and your sober community.

Week 9, 10: Embodiment

Learn the importance of the mind-body connection in healing addiction and trauma and establish powerful tools to practice it.

Week 11, 12: Service

Service to others is a critical practice, but it often seems elusive or 'too big' to take on. Discover the radical shifts that can come from simple acts of service, and begin to practice them.

Week 13: Graduation and moving forward

Celebrate your success and make plans for next steps, including alumni participation!

*Live Call Schedule

Monday @ 1 PM ET // LIVE TS90 Sobriety Support Meeting (not-recorded)

Wednesday @ 1 PM ET // LIVE Office Hours (recorded)

Friday @ 1 PM ET // LIVE Group Call (recorded)

Join the waitlist today! Next group starts JUNE 30, 2023! Must be a TLC Member.
Jun 30, 2023
September 30, 2023
Hosted by Laura McKowen
, Tammi Scott + Whitney Bishop
Instructor Led
Must be a TLC Community member to join.

What others are saying...

The biggest takeaways from this course have been: 1. Wheel of Life exercise and seeing Laura McKowen's progression. 2. Numbing inventory was eye-opening. 3. Slowly making connections through the App and then putting faces with names + voices in our three weekly meetings.

Gary G.
The Sober 90 - Team 1 Student

It got me thru a rough patch of cravings. I hit my 18th-month mark last month. It helped me build a stronger community within TLC. Lean into the tools. Reaffirm my Why. Set me on a strong journey for 2023. I loved this program!!!!

Miranda H.
The Sober 90 - Team 1 Student

It feels a lot more natural to be AF doing things I used to strongly associate with alcohol (a night without my kids, dinner, family gatherings, meeting up with friends). I actually feel positive about + committed to abstinence as my long term goal instead of wishing I could moderate. Before Sober 90, I couldn't really imagine either of those wins.

Lisa K.
The Sober 90 - Team 1 Student

I can’t image doing this past 75 without TLC + TS90. I not only made it through the holidays but some extremely difficult boundaries with a sister I have been supporting ( too much). I have viewed the curriculum like a library. Been on at least parts of most meetings. I would highly recommend to anyone who needs additional support. Day 170 for me.

Karen T.
The Sober 90 - Team 1 Student

I’ve started turning on my camera more and sharing more. I’ve also gained the “recover out loud” mindset as I’ve always had so much shame behind my drinking. I’ve gotten some phone numbers. I have a couple people I check in with regularly. My self confidence is slowly coming back and I’m starting to feel comfortable in my own skin again.

Lauren C.
The Sober 90 - Team 1 Student

The TLC online meetings and virtual community remind me that I'm not alone in recovery and that we can listen and encourage each other. TLC is open, welcoming, honest and safe for everyone.

Lee - Community member

My feelings are validated in this safe space. My voice is heard.

Kara V. - Community member

It's hard to put into words, the shift that I feel inside my recovery journey after joining this beautiful group. It has been the key to unlocking a whole new part of my experience.

Alex - Community member

I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge, wisdom, and tools to aide in my sobriety. The sense of community in TLC is something I have never experienced before and the support from everyone has truly touched my heart.

Alison - Community member

I’ve been sober close to 8 years and was yearning for something but didn’t know what that was. Then came the pandemic, and I started teaching from home. It was the perfect storm for Laura to come into my home and heart. I feel brighter and lighter and it’s similar to when I was first in recovery.

Janine - Community member
St. Louis

What you'll get

Recovery fundamentals
Learn the 5 core practices of sobriety to create lasting change.
Daily sobriety support meetings
Access daily TLC support meetings, including men's, women's, BIPOC, queer, and newcomer.
Daily check-ins
Daily accountability through simple check-ins with your team
Private community and app
Through the TLC app, you'll have access to a private community, 24x7
Sober connections and community
Build priceless relationships with people who get it.
Weekly video lessons and worksheets
Simple, actionable lessons and worksheets based on the weekly topic.
27 Live calls
Weekly 90-minute and 60-minute calls led by TS90 Leaders to connect, ask questions, and get feedback.

Join in The Sober 90 if...

  • You're sick of the same old cycles of shame, regret, and exhaustion.
  • You're new to sobriety and feel overwhelmed and unsure where to start.
  • You've accumulated stretches of sobriety in the past, but are tired of “white-knuckling” it and want more resilience, fun, and ease.
  • You're tired of going it alone and realize you need support from people who get it.
  • You want a safe, dogma-free place to talk honestly about what you're going through and hear others do the same.
  • You want to improve the way you show up in life for yourself and for others.
  • You want to be truly free; not just from addiction but from the underlying reasons you sought to numb in the first place.
  • You're sober but need extra support through a challenging time.
  • You want to generate momentum towards a life where you show up as the person you want to be.
  • You're nervous about the holidays and want some extra support to see you through the season sober.
  • You want support along your sobriety journey from a community of fellow badass travelers.

NOTE: This program is not a replacement for detox, rehabilitation programs, or treatment for acute addiction.

Join the waitlist today! Next group starts JUNE 30, 2023! Must be a TLC Member.
Jun 30, 2023
September 30, 2023
Hosted by Laura McKowen
, Tammi Scott + Whitney Bishop
Instructor Led
Must be a TLC Community member to join.

Frequently answered questions

Do you offer payment plans?

Not at this time.

When are the weekly calls?
  • Every Monday from 1 - 2 pm ET we will have a private Sobriety Support Meeting for The Sober 90 members only
  • Every Wednesday from 1 - 2 pm ET we will have Office Hours where you can bring your questions from that week's lesson
  • Every Friday from 1:00 - 2:30 pm ET we will have our weekly live session
What is the cost of The Sober 90?

The program is $265, which includes three months of TLC Community membership with access to all support meetings and programming. This program is available only to TLC members.

What is the time commitment?

You should plan to spend 20 minutes each day checking in with the community and 2-3 hours each week for homework and live call participation.

Do I have to be sober to enroll?

No! That's what The Sober 90 is for! However, if you are in need of inpatient treatment, detox, or are experiencing the acute stages of addiction, this course is not recommended. You should seek professional assistance to get appropriate medical care.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final as stated in our terms and conditions.

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The Sober 90

A simple, accessible entry point for people who are new to sobriety, or not-so-new folks who need to re-establish healthy practices or need a dose of extra stability and community.
$199 / 13 week course
Daily check-ins and accountability
Weekly live coaching calls
Access to daily sobriety support meetings
and more!
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