What is the Sober Curious Movement?


If you've looked into getting sober, or if you are reconsidering your relationship with alcohol, then you are officially “sober curious”. Welcome to a movement that involves millions of people!

If you've looked into getting sober, or if you are reconsidering your relationship with alcohol, then you are officially “sober curious”. Congratulations, and welcome to a movement that involves millions of people!  Understanding what “sober curious” is and what it can offer for your future could be just the thing you need to start on your journey toward quitting drinking altogether.

What is Sober Curious?

Sober curiosity is common among people who drink frequently, or to excess too often. You may begin to wonder whether alcohol is having a negative impact on your life and if you'd benefit from drinking alcohol less. You may not consider yourself as “addicted” to alcohol, but you do know that it has more power over your life than you’d like it to. Being sober curious does not mean you intend to give up drinking permanently, but it does mean that you are interested in seeing how your life could improve with less alcohol in it. 

The Problem with American Drinking Culture

American culture tends to glamorize alcohol, especially at parties or when out with friends. In fact, alcohol is commonly referred to as the one drug you have to justify not taking. People often comment that it’s strange to them when others aren’t drinking. Social gatherings are often centered around the alcohol involved, and people who go to them experience a lot of pressure to drink. That said, just because drinking is commonplace, it doesn’t mean you have to participate in it to have a good time.

Understanding the Sober Curious Movement

Credit for the term "sober curious" goes to Ruby Warrington, who wrote a 2018 book with that title, so the sober curious movement isn't exactly new. Dry January and Sober October are month-long challenges that have been around for a long time, and they are opportunities to re-evaluate your use of alcohol and consider whether you might feel better without it. There are social media channels and influencers with millions of followers that share information and inspiration about sober curiosity, and it’s all growing in popularity. You’ll find humans of all ages, races, nationalities, gender identifications, and sexual orientations among the sober curious, as well! In particular you’ll find that Millenials and Gen Z are leading the charge when it comes to living sober or developing a more mindful relationship with their alcohol intake. 

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How to Go From Sober Curious to Sober Serious

If you're becoming sober curious, or you're finding that your sober curiosity is growing, here are ways to get started living an alcohol-free life.

  • Make a Plan: Decide in advance how you plan to handle situations involving alcohol and what you need to do if you're offered a drink, pressured to drink, or otherwise encounter a situation where alcohol is available.
  • Participate in Alcohol-Free Activities: There are plenty of alcohol-free activities you can enjoy in your community with like-minded people. Find your local sober communities through social media or your newspaper. Having fun things to do while removing alcohol from your life can make the transition easier and more enjoyable. This is also a great way to make new connections.
  • Find a Support System: People who support you in your sober curiosity are the kind of people you want to hang out with during this time. Connect with other sober curious friends, find an online support group, like The Luckiest Club, or meet people at alcohol-free events.

If you are newly sober, The Luckiest Club can help. With weekly meetings dedicated to newcomers, you can connect with others early in recovery who get it. We also have meetings specifically for men, women, the queer community, and people of color. So build a support system and contact us today to learn more about our online sober community.

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