Preparing for Sober Summer


Summer is coming up fast. For a lot of people, the warmer months mean spending time out and about with friends. While that can be a lot of fun, many summer activities revolve around drinking alcohol.

Summer is coming up fast. For a lot of people, the warmer months mean spending time out and about with friends. While that can be a lot of fun, many summer activities revolve around drinking alcohol. Fortunately, you can prepare for a sober summer, so you don't have to miss out on things you enjoy (and so you can remember them fondly the next day). There are plenty of ways to mix summer and sobriety while having a great time with the people you love. Here's what to think about, so you can keep your summer vibes strong.

Spend Time Outdoors

“Nature itself is the best physician.” ~ Hippocrates

Summers mean longer, warmer days which makes for the perfect invitation to get outside. There are dozens of studies which have shown that spending as little as 10 minutes outdoors each day can increase your mood and energy, decrease feelings of stress and anxiety, reduce cravings, increase self confidence, and boost the immune and circulatory systems. Plus, there are almost no bars in the forest, right?! Get away from the situations that trigger you by going outside, and enjoy the healing powers of Mother Nature. 

Start a Long-Term Summer Project

If there's a new hobby you've been thinking about or a skill you want to learn, the summer is a great time to start working on it. With plenty of daylight and some free time, consider learning to surf, taking a cooking class, or starting out in nature photography. Think about the types of things you've always wanted to do and choose one or more of them to try out. Recovery is an invitation to start becoming the person you have always wanted to be. 

Host Your Own BBQ or Get Together

When you host an activity you control the guest list, and you can ensure the event is alcohol-free. Inviting others who are in recovery, and those who understand and respect your alcohol abstinence gives you peace of mind and takes the pressure off. You won't need to worry about triggers or feeling uncomfortable at events where there's a lot of alcohol around. Instead, you can just enjoy the time spent with family and friends, and the food, games, or other activities. And who knows – maybe these experiences will cause others to want to do more activities sober, too! Summer is great for BBQs so fire up your grill and host the type of party you would want to go to!

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Make New Sober Friends

Friends that are also in recovery are great to have around when you're focused on a sober summer. You can join sober support groups to make friends and attend local meetups for people also in recovery this summer. If you want to get out and have adventures, there are many activities that offer sober opportunities. Music festivals, for example, often have sober camping areas and sober gathering tents. This gives you a chance to spend time at events you really like, without constantly being around triggers that could make you feel uncomfortable. Events like that are also a great place to connect with others who know what you’re going through.

The more time you spend with others who practice alcohol abstinence, and the more you focus on hobbies that help with your summer recovery, the easier it can be for you to have a sober summer with plenty of fun. There are all kinds of great experiences available that couple summer and sobriety, so you can fully enjoy all the warm weather has to offer.

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