Our sober community mission.

A dogma-free, compassionate place to recover from alcohol addiction and thrive in life.

The Luckiest Club exists to guide, encourage, and support brave truth-seekers who are looking to embark on a personal journey to sobriety from alcohol. We provide empathetic direction, easy and accessible connection, and a community of like-minded swashbucklers. No matter how far along you are in your sobriety adventure we know that online sobriety help, a talented cast of leaders, and a caring community can make all the difference.

Our mission is to spark personal discovery on a quest for freedom. We know there isn’t one “correct” path to alcohol recovery because we know each person has a unique story and an individual destination. It doesn’t matter if you are back to day 0 or are celebrating year 15, our online alcohol-free community is here to give strength and to rejoice in your human experience.

A bit more rebellious than other sobriety groups, we’re unabashedly honest, introspective, persistent, brave and compassionate. We believe sobriety is the greatest adventure you’ll ever go embark on and we’re here to support you the whole way through.

Joining The Luckiest Club is taking a step towards freedom and commitment to quitting drinking. Our online sober community is built to foster connection and support during one of life’s greatest challenges. With community membership you’ll have access to daily meetings and 24/7 safe space through our forum. We have dedicated meetings for women, men, people of color and those a part of the queer community.

If you are interested in strengthening your sobriety then try out The Luckiest Club for free, with our 7-day trial.

It is not
your fault.
The Luckiest Club. You belong here.
It is your
It is unfair that this is your thing.
This is
your thing.
This will never stop being your thing until you face it.
You can't do it alone.
Only you can
do it.
You are loved.
We will never stop reminding you
of these things.

Our Credos

We respect all paths to recovery.
We’re not trying to be the only game in town. It’s ok if you double dip.

We don’t do dogma.
We lead from our experience, not a ruleset.

We lead with compassion.
We’ve all been through enough hell, no need to add more.

We welcome you as you are.
Our community is better when you’re the most you.
an illustration of people

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