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We Are The Luckiest: Sobriety in Full Color

relationship to self
relationship to others
relationship to spirit
For those who want to find joy, resilience, and stability in sobriety. Because quitting drinking is only the beginning.
Join the waitlist today! Next group starts SUMMER 2023! Must be a TLC Member.
Hosted by Eric Johnson
, Dharamjeev Kaur
Instructor Led
Must be a TLC Community member to join.

Program Details

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Learning to live without alcohol is just the beginning.

Overcoming a dependency or addiction is a master warrior level feat. If you've lived it, you know. Maybe you're new to sobriety, or perhaps you're decades in.

Either way—at some point in the journey—you have to learn how to actually live in the world. To not only survive, but to thrive.

This means reclaiming your power, learning how to cope with a range of emotions, recalibrating your relationships, learning to hear and speak the truth, and renewing your sense of meaning and purpose.

Live Calls
540 minutes of live time with our instructors where you can ask questions, get support, and receive coaching.
Weekly Topics
8 weeks, 7 topics! Each week, we'll explore a powerful topic in recovery such as dignity, power, surrender, and truth.
Connection & Support
On our forum, you'll be able to connect with other students and get 24x7 support from our instructors & mentors.


Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson is an adventurer, writer, and certified coach. He is also the cohost of the podcast “Inside Job”. He draws his inspiration from his background as a leader in corporate America and as a teacher and coach at one of the world’s top business schools. He also believes that Mother Nature and 90's grunge music are among the greatest sources of wisdom available.

Eric Johnson
Dharamjeev Kaur

Student first, teacher second, Dharamjeev is a heart centered woman who values the inner work that brings about an unshakable trust in one's self. Indigenous teachings, song and ceremony, Kundalini yoga and meditation are ways that she shows up to the path. Dharamjeev's soul purpose is to empower and hold loving space for others to come home to this place in themselves. She lives in a small ocean mountain town on Vancouver Island in Canada.

Dharamjeev Kaur

What we'll cover

Week 1: Stability

Establishing Your Baseline

Identifying and establishing basic grounding practices necessary for safety and growth. We will: discuss trauma: what it is, what it isn't, and how it affects our ability to process and heal; identify your non-negotiables for overall health; work with fear to understand its gift and how to use it.

Week 2: Dignity

Processing Shame & Guilt

Understanding the core issues that block our dignity, self-esteem, and right to feel. We will: explore sexuality, emotional capacity, and range - examining the impact of deficient and/or excessive energy in this area; work with guilt and shame to understand their gifts and to use them.

Week 3: Power

Creating Healthy Boundaries

Examining the issue of personal power: what it is, how we get it, how we use it, and why it is critical. We will: explore personal boundaries: how they work and why they're critical in the development of your self-esteem; work with anger to understand its gifts and how to use it.

Week 4: Surrender

Opening Your Heart

Opening our capacity to love and be loved. We will: cultivate self-compassion and compassion for others; work with sadness and grief to understand their gifts and how to use them.

Week 5: Truth

Speaking & Hearing The Truth

The ability to speak and to hear the truth is one of the most vital determinants of our emotional, physical, and spiritual health. We will: examine the principles of truth; utilize the yoga of speech as a tool for defining what needs to be communicated and when; explore methods of self-expression.

Week 6: Intuition

Connecting to Inner Wisdom

Your ability to see things through a lens of clarity, trust your own wisdom, and manifest your visions will determine how high you can soar in sobriety. We will: focus on sleep hygiene and and exploring dreams to tap into the power of the subconscious.

Week 7: Peace

Integration & Support

In the final week of the course, you will reflect on your process, establish your support team, and create a vision of your highest expression.

Join the waitlist today! Next group starts SUMMER 2023! Must be a TLC Member.
Hosted by Eric Johnson
, Dharamjeev Kaur
Instructor Led
Must be a TLC Community member to join.

What others are saying...

I loved it. It changed my life in profound ways.

Athena - 'We Are The Luckiest' Course Student

Take this course if you are seeking a whole new approach to recovery; one that is built on truth, wisdom, and most importantly, your experience. WATL encourages you to develop your spiritual journey on your own terms and at your own pace while being completely supported.

Tammi - 'We Are The Luckiest' Course Student

Having spent my whole life, and specifically the last 5 years just surviving, it has been amazing to actually experience a real shift in my thinking. Very grateful.

Hannah - 'We Are The Luckiest' Course Student

This course really helped me to understand the shame I was living in. It helped me identify boundaries that needed to be set. It also really helped me with grief and anger that I had been suppressing.

Joe - 'We Are The Luckiest' Course Student

It completely changed how I view not drinking: not as a matter of willpower, but rather just a change of focus: since life is in focus and drinking blurs it, drinking now looks like such a hassle. Seriously. I think that is really surprising and amazing, and yay!

Anna - 'We Are The Luckiest' Course Student

The course helped me understand myself and my emotions in a way I couldn't access before. Through completing the assignments each week I felt like I was reconnecting with myself in a deeper way. It was such a healing experience."

Kristin - 'We Are The Luckiest' Course student

What you'll get

Team of mentors
Support from a team of mentors who have completed the course and achieved amazing results.
Self-inquiry assignments
Simple, yet powerful self-inquiry homework to explore each week's topic.
Private forum
Access to our private forum where you can share your work and receive coaching and support throughout the course.
6 video lectures
6 recorded video lectures where Laura dives into the weekly topic.
6 audio meditations
6 meditations, written and recorded by Laura for each week’s topic.
9 live calls
9 live calls with Eric Johnson and Dharamjeev Kaur to discuss your experiences + ask questions. (All calls are recorded.)
Access for one full year
Access to the course content for one full year.

Join in The Sober 90 if...

  • You want more emotional resilience to effectively manage difficult emotions like fear, shame, guilt, and grief.
  • You want to create deep, honest and meaningful relationships with the people in your life; relationships that reflect who you are now.
  • You desire to be truly free. Not just from addiction, but from the underlying reasons you sought to numb in the first place.
  • You want practical tools to navigate emotional, psychological, and social challenges in sobriety.
  • You know you have a voice and you're dying to hone and express it, creatively or otherwise, with confidence and power.
  • You need real, practical wisdom and spiritual tools to support you in deepening your recovery.
  • You want more courage, joy, presence, and peace in your life.

Join the waitlist today! Next group starts SUMMER 2023! Must be a TLC Member.
Hosted by Eric Johnson
, Dharamjeev Kaur
Instructor Led
Must be a TLC Community member to join.

Frequently answered questions

Do I need to be sober to take this course?

This is not a "how to get sober" course. The material we cover asks that participants do some heavy emotional lifting, which can be very difficult to do in the earliest stages of sobriety. We recommend students have at least 90 days of continuous sobriety before enrolling, but it is up to each person to determine their readiness.

What is the cost of the course?

The course tuition is $749. We do offer payment plans.

Will I get 1x1 time with Laura, Eric, or Dharamjeev?

All of the video lectures and recorded meditations are taught and led by Laura. Eric Johnson and Dharmajeev Kaur will co-lead the weekly calls and be active in the forum. Our team of mentors will also be there to connect with you on the forum individually, however, 1x1 coaching is not a part of this course.

What if I can't make the live calls?

If you can't make it to the live calls, don't worry! All classes and calls are recorded and posted to the course site and you'll have access to the recordings for one year from the date of purchase. You can also engage in the forum and join in the conversation about the week's topic.

Are you using Facebook for the forum?

No, our private forum will be on a platform far, far away from Facebook!

How many people will be in the course?

The class will be limited to a group size that allows students to feel supported and seen between the live calls and the forum. Our amazing team of mentors are there to help ensure that every student receives the support that they need.

How long will I have access to the program content?

You'll be able to access all of the content on the course site for one full year from the date of purchase.

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