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Who doesn't love swag? We've put serious elbow grease into designing stuff that's comfortable and cool (even the kids say it is!). From hoodies to hats to prints for your wall, you can rep the coolest club in all the land.

The Sober 90 Unisex hoodie
$ 55.00 
The Sober 90 White glossy mug
$ 18.00 
The Sober 90 Black Glossy Mug
$ 18.00 
The Sober 90 Unisex Tri-blend Bella + Canva Short sleeve t-shirt
$ 39.00 
The Sober 90 Unisex sueded fleece hoodie Bella + Canva
$ 60.00 
The Sober 90 Unisex Short sleeve T-shirt Bella + Canva (Front + Back print)
$ 40.00 
The Sober 90 Bubble-free stickers
$ 5.00 
Johann Hari

The opposite of addiction isn’t
sobriety, it’s connection.

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